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Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems

Manual Fire Extinguishing Systems (Fire Extinguishers)

Fire Extinguishers have long been the primary weapon against fires in any institution. Today's extinguishers are much easier to use, more effective in a fire and easy to maintain. Our line of Fire Extinguishers subscribe to all industrial and governmental norms. The sleek and easy to use range comes in all types namely CO2, DCP, and ABC. We also provide automatic discharge type of extinguishers.

Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire Suppression Systems form the second line of defense in the fight to stop a fire. These products quickly put out the fire using various agents namely Carbon Dioxide (CO2), FM 200, MICKRO K, INERGEN, which remove fire sustaining agents (namely air, fuel or heat) in the area thereby stopping the fire. These agents are harmless to humans and are very effective in averting major disasters.