Bus / Van Tracking App

Now no need to wait for the bus! Parents can know the status of the bus before it reaches the stop.

Why do schools need Bus Tracking System?
To track buses in real time and to manage your transportation system in a more professional and organized way schools need to have a Bus Tracking System. This is the ultimate and cost effective solution for the School Management and Parents concern when the buses are on the move with children on-board. Using the Bus Tracking System the School Management and the Parents will save a lot of precious time and will also have the exact location of the bus in case of an eventuality.
For your reference and better understanding we have listed the School Management and Parents concerns which can be solved efficiently using the Bus Tracking System. You can also watch a video presentation to see how the application works and what all features does it have.

watch the presentation

Parents Concern

  • Will the school bus come on time? 
  • When the child should have to wait at the bus stop?
  • How long the child has to wait at the bus stop?
  • Did they miss the bus?
  • Where is the bus at present?
  • If missed, can they follow and catch-up the same bus at the next stop?
  • Is the bus on proper route to the school?
  • Did the bus reach school without delay?
  • Once the child boards the bus, parents have concern if the bus reached school safely?

Management Concerns 

  • Where is the bus?
  • Did the driver start his duty on time?
  • Is the driver on proper route as assigned?
  • Is the driver driving safely?
  • Is the driver over speeding?
  • Is the driver stopping at each stop as scheduled?
  • Which driver has been assigned to which bus route?
  • Who will assign the duty of the driver and route every day?
  • How to inform the drivers to divert the route in case of major traffic problem?
  • How to inform parents about the delay in case of major traffic problem?
  • How to find the breakdown bus?
  • Where to send alternate bus in case of a breakdown?
  • How to inform the parents about the breakdown and alternate bus?
  • How to monitor rash driving?
  • How to ensure children's safety and security?
  • How to cut down cost on maintenance due to rash driving?
  • How to make the driver accountable?